We educate the public about how the immigration system functions, the harm it produces, and why it needs to be abolished.

One of our latest initiatives, co-hosted with Tsuru for Solidarity and Detention Watch Network, is the Border Abolition Study Group. This is a free, bilingual, six-session space where we will cover topics like Border Abolition 101, Carceral Economies, and Decolonization. We believe in creating spaces to deepen our understanding of abolition and draw the connections between immigrant rights and prison abolition. The Border Abolition Study Group’s first session was on November 17, 2022, and sessions will continue through the spring of 2023. This project has truly been a labor of love and dedication reflecting our organizational commitments to abolitionist values. We hope to receive support that will help us create facilitation guides and materials for other groups looking to self-organize study groups of their own. Through the Border Abolition Study Group we are able to fulfill our mission to "promote freedom of movement as a basic human right"

Open Borders Conference

In 2018, Free Migration Project co-founded the Open Borders Conference. The annual conference is a space for people to envision a world without deportation. As organizational host of the conference from 2018-2021, we joined important conversations about what abolition means in the immigration context, how the global issues of climate change and COVID-19 impact an open borders analysis, and many other topics. In 2022, FMP served as the fiscal sponsor of the conference. Although FMP is no longer hosting the conference, we support and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience that is brought together every year. More information about past years' conferences can be found here:
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Free Migration Project staff, along with web developers and law students, worked to build a free, fully bilingual (English-Spanish) online immigration legal resource for immigrants, their families, and those who support them. We developed based on the principle that information about the immigration system should be accessible, relevant, and understandable. We hope to make the website multilingual in the future.

The U.S. immigration system is confusing, complex, and often hostile to immigrants and their families. Some lawyers and notarios take advantage of this complexity to exploit clients. Politicians use the
immigration system as a weapon to target immigrants for political gain. In the face of an immigration legal system designed to harm immigrants and their families,’s objective is to provide reliable information to impacted people and their loved ones so they are safe and free. The website’s October launch marked the beginning of a long-term collaboration between community members, organizers, attorneys and advocates to provide free and reliable information about the immigration system.

Although this project has been paused since 2021 due to capacity, we hope to continue developing this tool in the future.