Open borders Conference 2020; FMP
Join Free Migration Project this fall at the third Open Borders Conference. This year’s conference will be fully virtual. Detailed event information is forthcoming. RSVP here 
The one-day 2020 Open Borders Conference will be a virtual space for activists, scholars, organizers, lawyers, students, and members of the community to come together to learn why open borders would lead to dramatic increases in public health, safety, prosperity, and equality; why the pandemic does not justify the global apartheid of the current immigration and citizenship regime; and what it would mean to #AbolishICE.
Hear from keynote speakers Harsha Walia, Shikha Dalmia, and Helena Maleno Garzón, who will be joined by other experts in a day-long dialogue on the theory and practice of open borders immigration policy.
Free Migration Project advocates for recognition of migration as a basic human right, and we support the growing movement to abolish immigration enforcement and open the borders.
Please note that there is a nominal registration fee for the conference to help cover costs of the event:
Active student – $5
General registration – $15
Solidarity rate – $50
Sponsor an Attendee or Donate – $100 / $250
**The conference fee may be waived upon request: Email, or call or text (646) 441-0741.**