Mission and History

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash


Free Migration Project works at the intersection of law and community organizing to promote the recognition of freedom of movement as a basic human right. Free Migration Project represents immigrant clients in their legal proceedings, provides legal support and training to organizers and advocates, engages in public education and outreach, litigates in the public interest, and advocates for fair and open immigration laws.

Free Migration Project’s core expertise is in representing clients in high-impact public deportation defense campaigns, and providing legal and strategic support to undocumented organizers fighting for immigrant rights. Free Migration Project believes that working with undocumented clients to elevate their stories and struggles has helped to educate the public and engender support for undocumented communities in Pennsylvania and beyond. Free Migration Project’s legal and strategic support has also assisted grassroots immigrant rights groups to more effectively fight to fix the broken immigration system. 

What distinguishes Free Migration Project from other legal services and advocacy groups in the immigration sphere is its far-reaching mission to advocate not for partial fixes to the current system, but for the right to migrate and the abolition of deportation, and its support for radical organizing through unorthodox approaches often involving civil disobedience or other direct attacks on the machinery of deportation.

Founded in 2016, Free Migration Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Free Migration Project was founded by David Bennion, who is currently FMP’s executive director. FMP has a board composed of five board members, who govern the organization and steer its work.