2021 Press Releases

6/10/2021 – New Report from Penn Law & Free Migration Project Reveals Ongoing Unreported Violations of Patient Rights with Medical Deportation

5/26/2021 – Families Demand Justice from ICE for Wrongful Deportations

4/29/2021 – Senate and House Introduce the Freedom For Families Act

4/28/2021 – Sanctuary Movement Victory: DHS Ends Trump-Era Policy Fining Immigrants Who “Fail to Depart” U.S.

3/24/2021 – Church Joins Lawsuit Against ICE with Religious Discrimination Claims

3/12/2021 – Carmela and Her Children Will Leave Sanctuary After  More than Three Years

1/26/2021 – Members of the National Sanctuary Collective Gathered for a Virtual Press Conference Tuesday to Demand Liberation for All People Living in Sanctuary

1/19/2021 – Women in Sanctuary File Lawsuit Against ICE to Challenge Retaliatory and Excessive Civil Fines