#AbolishICE Means Abolish Deportation

Check out this recent piece from Free Migration Project’s director, David Bennion, at Migrant Roots Media, a new digital platform to share migrants’ perspectives about root causes of migration. An excerpt:

Repackaging ICE as kinder, gentler deportation agency with a new name will not put an end to the human rights abuses that have been highlighted and exacerbated under the Trump administration. The next Democratic president would simply revert to deporting immigrants en masse, just as President Obama did. Rather, ICE should not only be abolished, but its core function of imprisoning and deporting non-citizens must also be eliminated.

The key insight that undergirds a true #AbolishICE policy is that deportation is not just cruel and economically counterproductive, but more importantly, deportation violates basic human rights. Deportation is inconsistent with basic justice and has no place in a legal system predicated on coherent moral principles.

Read the full piece at Migrant Roots Media!