Attorney/Organizer Trainings

Free Migration Project offers trainings to attorneys and community organizers to provide the tools to facilitate communication and collaboration between attorneys and grassroots groups on deportation defense campaigns.

Over the past several years, grassroots organizers and community groups have staged public campaigns to stop the deportation of community members. Using media contacts, protest actions, digital organizing, and relationships with elected officials, groups have been able to stop or delay many deportations. However, the political environment has become more hostile to such campaigns under the Trump administration.

In cases where an immigration attorney has reached the limit of what can be done using existing legal remedies, and in cases where community organizers are unable to stop a deportation using the tools at their disposal, it can be essential to bridge the gap between legal and organizing efforts. To achieve success in such cases, it is important to maintain open communication and a unified strategy. Free Migration Project can help. To inquire about a training, contact us.