FMP in Solidarity With Palestine

Free Migration Project is in solidarity with Palestine and condemns Israel’s violent settler colonialism, occupation, use of imprisonment, and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people. As an organization dedicated to free movement as a human right and the abolition of deportation, our work is part of the global struggle of all people resisting state violence and oppression.

We recognize that 2021 marks 73 years of the Nakba, where Israeli settler colonialist forces violated Palestinian rights to the land and 750,000 Palestinians were expelled. The settler colonialism continues today as we actively witness the violent displacement of unarmed Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah and other neighborhoods, attacks of Palestinian holy sites, and the ongoing violent bombings of Gaza despite a “ceasefire”.

As an abolitionist organization that actively works to end detention here in the U.S., we condemn the ways that detention has been used to further the Zionist project and silence Palestinian resistance. We recognize the use of the detention against Palestinians in their claims to the land, as part of our collective struggle against incarceration and family separation. We condemn Israel’s use of physical barriers, checkpoints, and other restrictions on the free movement of Palestinians.

We condemn the United States’ ongoing imperialist support of the state of Israel through the $3.8 billion a year used to fund weapons in Israel. Since Israel’s creation in 1948, the United States’ has funded Israel $236 billion to fund the Nakba. We call for accountability and the recognition of Palestine land to be enshrined in international law. We are in strong solidarity with the Palestinian people and their fight for liberation against apartheid. Until all of us are free, none of us are free.

To stay informed regarding what you can do locally and beyond to support the Palestinian struggle, please follow and support: Adalah Justice Project, The Philadelphia Free Palestine Coalition and Jewish Voice for Peace